Car Dealership iPhone Apps

Your inventory.  Your brand. Your customers.  Your app.

Your App

App Development Solutions is the best value in native smartphone applications for auto dealerships.


Luxury Features. Compact Price.

We Develop easy-to-use mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
Your App
Your app is just that — yours. It’s fully branded with your logo, graphics, and information. Our model offers low up-front costs, competitive monthly rates, and the ability to get your apps launched fast.

Dealership apps add value to the customer relationship, increasing loyalty…and revenue.

   in their hand

Be there. Even when you can’t be there.

Stay on their mind. Communicate directly with customers on a very personal device — their phone.

Turn one-time sales into lifetime relationships.

Provide tools and resources the buyer will come to rely on, like service reminders and a digital copy of their vehicle’s manual.

Our Dealership Apps are an all-in-one communication tool.

       in their hand

Mobile. Instant. Everywhere.

Everything your website does and more in an attractive, easy-to-use mobile
communication tools
Your inventory, hours, specials, social media accounts, and contact information are all available right inside the app. Customers have everything they need to find you, contact you, and, most importantly, buy from you.

The Power of Push

Cut through the noise with push messages, a cutting-edge way to send notifications and messages directly to your customers’ phones. More personal than email and more visible than a text, push messages get noticed.


Dealership Apps are an invaluable sales tool on the lot — and beyond.

in their hand

Sell smarter with App Development Solutions.

Scan VIN’s with a smartphone camera to pull up vehicle details in a snap.

Our Dealership Apps puts your entire inventory in every salesperson’s pocket. Save time, never be stumped, and wow customers with speedy answers about vehicle history, service records and more.

Capture leads in a whole new way.

Download your app to customer’s phones right there on the lot. No business cards to lose or hard-to-read email addresses. Save information about vehicles they’re interested in right to the app. Demonstrate the improved ownership experience they’ll have thanks to the info, tools, and resources your app provides.

It’s the Deal:
Now find out why! App Development Solutions furnishes a clean and easy to use mobile application that will enhance all channel’s of revenue for your dealership. Take advantage
of hyper-local and interactive tools on the one device that is always in the customer’s pocket or at their side!

Your Whole World.
In the palm of their hand. Imagine giving your customers all of your vehicle inventory instantly in the modern formats perfectly consumed on mobile devices! Don’t get left behind with old fashioned solutions or non-native applications that barely work. iDealer is an all native application for Android and iOS. Smartphones and tablets will interface perfectly with your entire dealership.